Privacy Policy

This app logs generic information about your device once per week and sends it to be stored on our server. This information is collected in order to help fix bugs and to aid in the planning of future software features. Data is always anonymous and is never shared with anyone external to Gibbz Inc. Specifically, the only information collected is:

Terms of Use

Care has been taken to present material in an accurate manner. Errors do occur, though, so please use your expertise to verify any information before applying it in a clinical situation. This app is designed as an easy-access guide to assist you. In no way should you consider it a substitute for proper training and education. The app should only be used by trained professionals. Gibbz Inc. is not responsible for maltreatment that arises from use of this app.

Gibbz Inc. strives for this app to remain accurate. If you notice inaccuracies, typos, or bugs, please email so that corrections can be made. Information in this app was developed and adapted from numerous health organizations within the United States. The recommendations presented here may vary in other countries.

By using this app, you agree to the above terms and indemnify Gibbz Inc. from any and all damage claims resulting from the use of this app.